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This project is currently migrating to SourceForge. The Knowledge Environment for Collaborative Science (KnECS) software has been developed by the Collaboratory for Multi-scale Chemical Science (CMCS) project team. To find out more about this project, visit the CMCS homepage at

To explore the capabilities of the KnECS software you can visit the CMCS Portal which extends the KnECS software for the Chemical Sciences domain.

The Collaboratory for MS3D (C-MS3D) is another project that is building on KnECS. The work is being carried out in direct collaboration with scientists leading the development of MS3D, a new method that combines intramolecular chemical crosslinking with high-resolution mass spectrometry to glean structural information about proteins and other biological macromolecules.

Visit the C-MS3D homepage at to find out more about the project or go to the C-MS3D Portal to see how the KnECS software is being applied to develop a knowledge grid for the biology community.

The source code of KnECS is available through CVS service on sourceforge. For detail, please refer to KnECS cvs operation instructions.

If you are interested in deploying a working version of KnECS, please send email to

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